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Cleangly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Cleangly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Cleangly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth™ leaves surfaces sparkling with streak-free results. Thanks to super absorption technology, it's tough on spills and stains without harsh chemicals. Go green - use it with just water for a safe, eco-friendly clean. Experience the difference today!


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Product Details

Effortless Cleaning, Sparkling Results!

🧼 Enjoy effortless streak-free cleaning on various surfaces, from glass to countertops, and tackle spills and stains with ease.

🌊 Super absorption technology ensures thorough cleaning and hygiene without the need for harsh chemicals.

💧 Just use water alone for a safe and eco-friendly cleaning experience.

Embrace the Cleangly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth™ and see the difference with ⚡️ streak-free cleaning in a flash. Achieve sparkling results effortlessly and make a positive impact on the environment, one clean surface at a time.

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Cleangly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


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We're happy to tell you why 💙

Spotless Cleaning

Featuring a revolutionary NanoScale™ design, inspired by fish scales, this cloth captures dirt and grime effectively, helping you clean smarter, not harder.


Soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth does not scratch items, paint, coatings or other surfaces. It capture tiny dust and particles without leaving streaks!

Long Lasting

These microfiber towels feature stitching with reinforced edges which will not unravel, they are durable and made to last hundreds of washings.

Super Absorbent

Compared with ordinary wipes, the microfiber cleaning cloth has great water absorption, so it dries much faster, no matter how wet the items are!

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Cleangly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth FAQs

What is a microfiber cleaning cloth?

A microfiber cleaning cloth is a type of cloth made from very fine fibers that are tightly woven together to create a highly absorbent and durable material.

What are microfiber cleaning cloths used for?

Microfiber cleaning cloths are commonly used for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, including kitchen, furniture, car, and other smooth surfaces. They can be used dry to dust and polish or dampened with water or clean surfaces.

What is the size of the the cloth?


Item Type: Glass Cleaning Cloth

Material: Chinlon, Polyester

Color: Random Colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green)


  • M (9.8x9.8 in / 25x25 cm)
  • L (11.8x15.7 in / 30x40 cm)

Are these cloths environmentally friendly?

Yes, with its Climate Friendly Pledge, this cloth is designed with sustainability in mind, reducing your ecological impact.

How do you clean and maintain microfiber cleaning cloths?

They can be washed by hand or in a washing machine using mild detergent and warm water. It's important to avoid using fabric softener or bleach as these can damage the microfiber material. After washing, hang or lay flat to air dry.

Are microfiber cleaning cloths better than traditional cleaning cloths?

Microfiber cleaning cloths are highly effective at picking up dirt and debris, and require less cleaning solution than traditional cleaning cloths. They are also more durable and generally last longer than traditional cloths. It can be reused.

How long does shipping takes?

Estimated Shipping Time (Business Days)

USA - 6 to 12

CANADA - 6 to 12

UK - 5 to 10

EU - 5 to 10

AU & NZ - 4 to 10

In the event that I am dissatisfied with the product, what options do I have?

That's alright! Just head to our refund policy page and follow the instructions there to make use of our quality guarantee!

Why am I not receiving any order confirmation emails?

If you do not receive your order confirmation, kindly please check your email spam/junk folder as the confirmation might have mistakenly be flagged as spam.

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