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Cleangly Breezebroom

Cleangly Breezebroom

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Upgrade your cleaning with the Cleangly Breezebroom!

Removes debris, fine dust, liquids, and pet hair with ease

Generates static electricity to attract and trap dust effectively

Adjustable-length handle, extendable up to 55" or 140cm long

Lightweight, reduces strain on body while cleaning

Hygienic and Eco-Friendly

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Product Details

Innovative technology: Our unique design with silicone edges creates static electricity to attract hair and dust, ensuring thorough cleaning.

Extremely versatile: Handles spills, shards, pet hair, and sticky messes like ketchup and eggs with ease.

Works on many surfaces: Suitable for smooth floors, tiles, hardwood, and low-pile carpets. Can reach tight spots under furniture effortlessly.

Easy to clean: Simply rinse the blades after use for a hygienic clean every time.

Durable and lightweight: Made with quality materials for long-lasting use, yet lightweight for easy handling.

Adjustable length: Telescopic pole adjusts from 36" to 55" for various cleaning tasks, hassle-free.


Unextended: 31cm x 89cm or 12" x 36"

Extended: 31cm x 139cm or 12" x 55"

Package Includes

1x Cleangly Breezebroom

Additional broom head attachments are sold separately and can be bought HERE - Store exclusive, not sold elsewhere)


Estimated Shipping Time (Business Days)

UK - 5 to 10

USA - 6 to 12

CANADA - 6 to 12

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We're happy to tell you why 💙

Cleans On Many Surfaces

  • Effective on smooth floors, tiles, hardwood, and windows
  • Suitable for most types of carpets and rugs
  • Cleans wide areas and tight corners efficiently
  • Reaches under beds and sofas with ease

Cleans Dirt and Dust Efficiently

  • Innovative silicone edge design generates static electricity to attract hair and fine dust
  • Effectively cleans all areas of the house, reaching into every nook and cranny

Highly Versatile

  • Efficiently removes all traces of shattered glass, spills, fine dust, coffee grounds, and sugar.
  • Eliminates both pet and human hair with ease.
  • Handles sticky messes such as ketchup and broken eggs effortlessly.

Hygienic, Washable

  • Cleangly Breezebroom eliminates the issue of dirty and unhygienic bristles commonly found in ordinary brooms.
  • Simply rinse the smooth blades after each use.
  • This is AMAZING! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Quality cleaning products are hard to come by, but the Cleangly Breezebroom exceeds expectations. Its sturdy blade ensures no scratches, and its slim design allows it to reach under furniture effortlessly, providing a superior cleaning experience. Adding a matching dustpan would be a great addition.

  • The Best Broom for Human and Pet Hair! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    The Cleangly Breezebroom effectively removes hair and is suitable for sweeping hardwood surfaces. It performs exceptionally well on carpets and rugs too. I'm satisfied with my purchase, but it's important to note that it's designed for short, light strokes, so avoid pressing too hard or leaning on it.

  • Sweep Up Even The Smallest of Glass Silvers! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I'm thrilled with my purchase of this broom. Shortly after it was delivered, my daughter dropped a crystal cake pedestal, but thanks to this broom, I was able to easily sweep up even the smallest glass slivers.

Cleangly Breezebroom FAQs

Why is it so lightweight?

Cleangly Breezebroom was crafted for indoor use, prioritizing a lightweight and user-friendly design that minimizes strain on arms and back muscles. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle most cleaning tasks effortlessly, and it's particularly effective with gentle strokes.

What is the best way to use this broom?

Cleangly Breezebroom functions optimally indoors, requiring gentle and light sweeping motions for effective cleaning. There's no necessity for excessive force; instead, longer strokes are recommended for smooth floors, while shorter strokes are preferable for carpet and rugs.

Can this replace my existing broom?

Unlike traditional brooms, Cleangly Breezebroom doesn't have bristles, making it effortless to rinse clean after every use. Say goodbye to the hassle of removing hair and dirt from dirty bristles, simplifying life and ensuring a cleaner, more hygienic home.

Is the Breezebroom extendable?

Yes, it is extendable up to 55" or 140cm.

Unextended: 31cm x 89cm or 12" x 36"

Extended: 31cm x 139cm or 12" x 55"

How long does shipping takes?

Estimated Shipping Time (Business Days)

USA - 6 to 12

CANADA - 6 to 12

UK - 5 to 10

EU - 5 to 10

AU & NZ - 4 to 10

In the event that I am dissatisfied with the product, what options do I have?

That's alright! Just head to our refund policy page and follow the instructions there to make use of our quality guarantee!

Why am I not receiving any order confirmation emails?

If you do not receive your order confirmation, kindly please check your email spam/junk folder as the confirmation might have mistakenly be flagged as spam.

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