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Our sofa covers are quick and easy to install, extremely soft and stretchy, and always stay in place. All of our sectional sofa covers can fit both L-shaped and U-shaped sectionals. We have a variety of sofa cover options based on the color and style you're looking for.

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Our Couch Covers are Tried, Tested, and Approved!

Our magic sofa covers are machine washable and always stay in place. These couch covers are both stylish and functional. Let our reviews speak for themselves!

  • I absolutely love these slip covers!!

    First of all they fit perfectly, second of all they are so reasonably priced and soft and I love the texture. I like them better than my actual upholstery on my $4000 sofa.

    - Daniel B.

  • I am so happy with my purchase!!

    They are easy to get dog hair off of and stay fitted to the cushions. I would definitely recommend these covers to anyone with pets who would like to keep their couch nice!

    - Rebecca C.

  • They are super soft and stretchy.

    My back cushions are large so they are a little squished in the back cushion covers, I may go back and order seat covers for my back cushions. Nonetheless, I love them and am so happy with them!

    - Liz E.